Soy Una Rosa Aunque A Veces No Lo Veo by Yakari Rosales

Soy Una Rosa Aunque A Veces No Lo Veo
Yakari Rosales

Que te hace feliz?
If you would have asked me
two, three years ago

I would not have been able to respond
because two, three years ago
I had started to wilt and
couldn’t feel past
my hurt;

I felt detached–

Feeling happy was
something I felt
by external factors but
why couldn’t I make
this emotion happen
myself? Why wasn’t I

I’d like to go back
to tell that thorn-hearted girl
that despite the pain
she has to feel–
despite the unanswered
Todo va a cambiar.

She will enter a place
where she will be overwhelmed by
the people in her life that
validate her experiences
alleviate her concerns
and water her roots.

And although she may still have
instances in which she thinks

things will not heal
and the questions will never end,

she has grown
and she will not stop;

Vas a crecer hasta que tu rosa
se convierta en rosal;
se multiplicará en su jardín,
una belleza que crece dentro
de ti.

Remember this:
no te menos precies.

Yakari is a queer Latinx makeup artist who loves flowers and watching sunsets with warm people.

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