Deep by Alex Acuff

Alex Acuff

from the verse,
no boundaries, no scenes.
No need to rhyme or remind you;
I can take my sweet time
while you read between the lines of words.
Birds. They fly sometimes,
like words.
That was a comparison.
Anything and everything designed, so
forget it. I’m done.
That was deep. Don’t you agree?
No? Why not?
I’m so free,
like a leaf, or many leaves.
Comparisons. Artifice.
Soon, nothing left to read
as I take deep breaths and breathe.
Nowhere to go.
Once again,
I’ll flow with zen and
absolve myself of all literary sin.
Why am I rhyming again?
I’m done.
I mean it this time.

Alex Acuff has an Associates in Arts from GTCC and is currently pursuing a BA in English from UNCG. He writes mostly plays and poetry. Some of his plays have been performed in South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, as well as the United States. ( He also enjoys playing basketball and video games.