Triptych by Michael Petit

Michael Petit

i dove into the depth of your arms
wrapped in your warmth
i dove deeper darker and dizzy
found no shared air
i drank the water from your iris
hoping for dreams
i wait at the bottom of the sea
writing our time

tie me to the riverbed
blind me with your brilliance
shining like the noon sun
and i won’t shout for help
falling on your sharp beauty
sinking through the depths of you

and try as i may to fly away
i am tethered to your song
warm as the color of your lip
lush as the blue of your eye
trapped by strings that sound
like hearts drinking the sun
drop by drop in the light of May

Michael Petit is a current Masters student in Music Education. When he isn’t teaching or performing he enjoys writing poetry and shooting film photography. Much of his work is a celebration of the self, the internal, and the bittersweet. Follow @efflorescentresonance on Instagram and Tumblr to view more of his work.

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