made of marzipan by Anna Nichols Cooksey

made of marzipan
Anna Nichols Cooksey

since childhood,
my body has been a slave to the sweet.
smoking candy cigarettes
and snorting smarties.
specks of sugar set fire
to the hairs of my nose
and the back of my throat.

my sweet tooth was insatiable.
xanax wrapped in hershey’s
bars on bars on bars on bars
on cages trap me inside
a prison made of candy canes.

gluttonous by nature,
no pastry or confection
nor candy bar or chewing gum
could ever cease the cravings
in the syrupy streams of my veins,
or these brittle marzipan bones.

Anna Nichols Cooksey is a perpetually caffeinated junior pursuing a double major in English and Media Studies. She finds dogs and cats much easier to talk to than humans.

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