Intoxicated I Love You by Skylar Jones

Men that are drunk, are the
only ones that want to touch me.
The only ones that see the beauty
in me and act upon it.
They may have mistaken my hips as
the neck of a bottle…

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Pleading Gets You Nowhere by Skylar Jones

The first time I pled with God, your mother
was tangled within the tubes snaking in and out of her
body, weak and fragile. Due to her skull
not being able to hold the muscle within. You saw her…

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It Is Not Welcome Here by Taylor Millaway

Death is the family friend who comes in from Michigan
Reminds you of the weight you’ve gained since last December
Never brings its own shampoo, leaves a wad
of hair in your shower drain,
drives through your flower bed on its way out….

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a sunday at my grandmother’s by Taylor Millaway

A yellow kitchen displays the
Bright morning sunrise over the windowsill
Counter tops, freshly
Eyes like blood follow me and
From the wall phone, you can still hear him yelling,
God save the Queen…

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MakeDamnSure by Eve Estes

it’s over

no, really it is

and it’s going to be freeing,

although it doesn’t feel that way yet. i’ll wake up

when the warm breeze hits through the window,

smile and disperse like a cloud around my room, running my hand along every white wall…

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Control by Catherine Titus

Everything I’ve tried to control I lost.

Inflammatory; my fingers leave behind questions that don’t require answers.

I see futures before they happen…

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Marnie by Catherine Titus

The November full moon granted me a whirly, twirly,
clumsy shriek of a gift. Six pounds of fluffy, furry life
clutching to me, later to quadruple but still plummets
down on to me at the end of the day. I learned love…

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