Jennifer Marie has enjoyed learning how to build a website from scratch. She lives with four cats and a growing post-grad existential crisis.

David Spaulding has a love for drawing and art.

Vinnie Olko

Sydney Lee is a junior in the Drawing and Printmaking program here at UNCG! Her work focuses primarily on using unconventional objects to print onto textiles, which she then typically embroiders. She is excited to be on the Coraddi staff this semester, and can’t wait to see what kind of art you submit!

Caroline Galdi is happy to be reviewing literature at the Coraddi. She is the sole English major in a room full of artists. Check out her work at

Becca Bischoff is a New Media and Design major doing her best to get through this hell hole AKA college, but enjoys being part of the Coraddi staff because it’s one of the few parts of school she enjoys. Becca is also a crazed Hello Kitty fan and lives her life by Kitty’s slogan: You can never have too many friends!

Kaiya Bitner is a senior Media and Design student who stares at screens for hours on end. Her hobbies include listening to music, doodling, and watching YouTube videos way past her bedtime.

Maryam Alamoudi is a senior New Media and Design student with a colorful soul that sees art in all things around her.

Dareus Graham is a senior New Media and Design at UNCG.