Join the Fall 2023 Team

The Coraddi is seeking four Design Team Members for the Fall 2023 semester!

Open to current UNCG students only.

Being a part of the Coraddi is a great way to gain experience in publishing design and expand your resume. By becoming a member, you will work along side like-minded individuals who share the same interests in regards to design and art! Positions are unpaid.

Design Team Member

We are looking for new Design Team Members to work specifically on the layout of the upcoming edition. As a Design Team Member (with a focus in layout) you will help come up with a design for the book, create a logo, collaborate with other members to create a consistent theme, choose things like fonts and create an original design for the Coraddi’s Fall 2023 edition.

Design Team Member conditions and preferences:

– You must be a current UNCG student to enroll as a member of the Coraddi. (at this moment, one does not have to have a certain academic standing to be a part of the club)

– You must have some interest in the arts, whether it’s literary related, website design based, fashion designing, music, graphic design, visual art, etc! It doesn’t matter your major or experience, but a general interest in the arts will help you when in the club

– Consider your schedule and how much of your time you can give. The club requires several hours of work in and outside of meetings.  

– The ability to work well with others, be open to collaboration, be able to give and take constructive criticism! The Coraddi is a team based club, so please come with an open mind. Every opinion deserves to be heard, so respect each one you hear.

– As the semester goes on and we near the deadline for the edition, the club will start to become faster paced. So, please make sure you can stay engaged and present as we near the semester’s end.

– Must have experience with the Adobe Suites such as, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.