Distilled Kaleidoscope by Rejani King

Distilled Kaleidoscope
Rejani King

When I reached out to touch you, I couldn’t hold tight.
I realized that you were only a feeling, a presence, a memory that couldn’t be

You were a reflection of everything I once wanted,
But found in the faith and companionship of someone

I now look at you through lenses of a past me
Whose mind once mirrored self-sabotage but is now filled with images of awareness and

Filled with stills of a time where stress is less and less is more.
Now the lenses you see me in are replaced with someone who values the invisible and walks in Peace.

Now, when you look at me
You no longer see my pain. You see

Rejani is a Women’s and Gender Studies major with minors in both Creative Writing and American Sign Language. She is a writer who is an avid lover of poetry, visual art, music, and photography. In her work, she strives to convey only what she feels connected to and not what she’s attached to. Writing is where she feels her voice can be heard without limitations.