We Were Planted Too Close by Shayna Prace

Flowers are beautiful, but they’re not worth
the suffocation. My garden bed dries out
too fast when I’m planted too close to my
neighbors. I’m sick of my nutrients…

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My Life Is Weighed By Scales by Shayna Prace

For years, when asked my favorite color,
“forest green” would fly out of my mouth
without a second thought. Although the
Northwest is a place I have only dreamt of
visiting, I feel those towering pines beckon me…

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Down By Garden by Leo V.

Sylvie trotted down the cobblestone path, balancing the basket on his arm. The night breeze grew stronger and he pulled the large blanket closer to him. He turned to Arlene, who followed beside him, and smiled…

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The Wine Bar, The Last Days of 2018 by Akila Metheny

Our young, reckless hearts
desire the cultured nectar
of Dionysus,
while an older couple
advises us to travel
all the days of our lives
(as tartly flaming blood
of Tuscan grapes
dances across our tongues)…

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The Birds of Adams Farm by

I will adorn myself
with devotion
for the world and its intricacies
since this is also a creation of the Lord’s…

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Parts by Akila Metheny


I don’t want to leave the world yet.
I’m not ready.


Skin, the clothing
that allows us touch.
This is how we understand
the language of the earth…

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Strong Jaw by Josiah Derby

I felt the sting of leather on my face
the blood that left a sanguine splotch
for years as they called it competition, taste
of blood, from nose to mouth, as they watch
my gloved hand, so tired, upraised high…

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