The St. Clair Archives #3

Untitled Rant
by Lee St. Clair
February 26, 2020

Sugar, alcohol, red meat and television. On screen revolutions that fizzle and fade. Cancer karts cruise through town polluting the fish bowl but the economy is good. Burning tire fires blacken the horizon. Tires worn out from making laps through a Chick-fil-A drive thru. Pill pushers disguised as big pharmaceutical companies addict millions and cash insurance checks. Are you uncomfortably numb yet? Bury the dead. Embalm them with coke a cola. Freeze them and keep them in the cooler in case we find a cure for diabetes. Wake up. Dear all powerful algorithm. If you see fit please bless my feed with everything I like and none of the shit I don’t. Amen.

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