The St. Clair Archives #2

UNCG Moments
by Lee St. Clair
February 19, 2020

That moment when all your planning and hard work comes together. That moment when you can breathe a sigh of relief. That moment you can finally go get a slice of pizza with your last couple bucks because your work is done. That moment when you and your teammates high five and congratulate each other on bringing your ideas to life, wrapped up and delivered on the professor’s desk with time to burn. That moment you say “yes I’ll be there tonight, let’s party”. That moment you realize you’re hungover. That moment in the shower when you wonder what you’re doing with your life. That moment you open the envelope and realize you’ve borrowed more money than you realized. That moment your car won’t start and you’re already late. That moment when you feel like you’re losing your mind from all the stress. That moment you decide you’re gonna let your hair grow long and everybody here is gonna know who you are. That moment you find yourself and realize you’re not who you thought you were. That moment you change your major. That moment you decide you’re gonna buckle down and stick with it. That moment when your car won’t start, again. That moment when you just go back to bed. That moment you realize you’re out of coffee and there is simply no way you can make it today without it. That moment you realize the half and half went bad and you’re about to puke. That moment your roommate decided to eat all your Oreos with no remorse. That moment you cussed out your roommate and you feel horrible about the things you said. That moment you realize there’s not one sheet of toilet paper anywhere in the whole house. That moment you know you’re blowing it on this midterm and it’s nobody’s fault but your own. That moment you squeaked through by the skin of your teeth with a B minus. That moment you realize that no one can do this for you and you’ve got to figure something out because this isn’t working. That moment your mom calls to check in and see how everything is going. That moment you put your phone on permanent silent mode and never look back. That moment you realize you love red wine! That moment (12 hours later) when you know without a doubt you’re never drinking red wine again. That moment you realize you don’t have a scantron. That moment when you’re sitting in an empty classroom realizing you should check your email once in a while. That moment when your headed south on I-85 at 75 mph and spring break is on. That moment you try a sip of red wine again. That moment you wish would last forever. That moment when you’re about to get in the car to head back and you know you’ll never see him/her/them again. That moment you embrace and share that last kiss. All the moments during the car ride back when your friends poke fun at you because you refuse to kiss and tell. That moment you realize you love these goofballs. That moment when you realize you’re about to graduate. That moment when you understand what friendship means and that you’re gonna miss these goofballs. That moment when you walk across the stage and make your mom and dad proud. That moment you know it was all worth it. That moment you realize you’ve got to get a job now. That moment (years later) when you realize that your time at UNCG was the best time you’ve ever had and that life was so simple then. That moment when you wish you could go back.

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