The St. Clair Archives #1

Top 10 Reasons I Didn’t Go See Black Flag on January 27th 2020
by Lee St Clair
January 27, 2020

10. 25 bucks plus fees is a lot of money. 

9. Greg Ginn is a jerk or at least that’s what I’ve always heard. 

8. Mike Vallely is a pro skater not a front man. 

7. Punk has been dead since 1983. 

6. Black flag was over when Keith Morris left. 

5. My ears are damaged and I have to wear earplugs and I hate them so what’s the point. 

4. I don’t feel like driving across town for the 3rd time today. 

3. I have an Art History quiz tomorrow. 

2. I need to spend a little time with my Dogs. They been cooped up all day. 

1. I hate karaoke.

Tate Street Observations #1
By Lee St Clair
January 30, 2020 

Like a human locomotive steam engine.. Puff, puff, puff, puff as you pass me. Rolling on rails down the winterized sidewalk tracks in route to nowhere fast. Fueled by vape juice, fast food and one sided news stories about the air you’re clouding up as you exhale and put your lips back to the steel nipple. Slurp, slurp. Partially public educated. Chariots awaiting, stopped for no one. Several randomly shaped stickers on the back glass, driver side window slightly open and a Missing hubcap.. she’s vegan but smokes a pack a day. Brown building made from red bricks. Handel, Bach, Beethoven and Smoothie King. Army green toe-bog and rubber boots with a matched bag. Self-medicated and OK with it. Skinny man sleeping under dirty worn out hand me down blankets and the smell of Indian food cuts the air like burnt chemicals and mint. A Frowned “I just lost another scratch off” face grabs a pack of smokes and cursies their luck as they turn right and head home.

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