Tierra Whack’s Iconic Energy Resonates Deeply with UNC Chapel Hill Fans: Review by Brittney Akpuogu

Friendly, vivacious, and full of an energy that never seemed to peter out even towards the end of an electric performance, every second Whack brought to the table during her concert was as passionate and unique as fans at home watching her videos would imagine she is. First and foremost Whack is an artist– she is unapologetic in her boldness on the stage, experimental, refreshingly unique. But secondly, Whack is almost a friend in some moments. Holding casual conversations with her fans from the foot of the stage, inviting the more dedicated of them up to sing and dance alongside her as she performs, there is such a sense of humbleness that one could easily forget that she is a critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated musician, and not simply a niche, undiscovered talent in performing in her university. Tierra Whack is a relatively new name to the rap and R&B scene. Her talents were finally recognized with the release of Whack World, her debut album in 2018, earning her a burst in fame with over 5 million views over YouTube, seeming to surface in the genre practically overnight. This talent of hers didn’t go unrecognized by every musician’s nightmare of a dead crowd either, quite the opposite– the audience seemed to mirror Whack’s energy with incredible vigor, the rapper commenting multiple times of the crowd’s excited responses even exceeding hers on Coachella, easily the best crowd she had apparently ever had. “I wish I didn’t have to leave,” she couldn’t help but laugh near the end of her performance, before sending us off with an electrifying Mumbo Jumbo. Well, trust us, Whack– the feeling was certainly mutual.

– Brittney Akpuogu

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