Who Is Lee St. Clair?

A mutt on a half-baked mission. A product of this environment. Born
into a sixty-nine love affair with life. Broken home hobo living in the now. A
lover, a hater, a hypocrite. Half-lifed with good hair and bad hearing. Anti-fascist, anti-estabashment, anti-what-ya-got. Has the facts and is allfor it, unless he’s not. Accidentally one of the lucky ones. Death dodger and conveyor of bad messages with good intentions. Evolving intellectual mutant. Six foot three, blue eyes, healthy skin and a shoddy at best retirement plan. Activist with activision scars and a childhood TV brain. Blue collar Devil’s advocate. Agnostic, alienated and aggravated. Bathed but not baptized. Cool, calm and collected. Dumbfounded and casually disappointed. Underworked for too much pay. Free as a Bird soaring in restricted airspace. Artist, musician and free thinker (if he’s thinking at all). A saint and a sinner, kissed the devil on the tongue while holding God’s hand at least twice. Believes in nothing and everything at once. A humble idiot with pretentious ideas. A father, son and future ghost. A walking corpuscle who lives from his heart not his head. A forked tongue who in good taste doesn’t wait to be spoken to. A twisted synapse in the right frame of mind at the wrong time. Currently searching for what he’s already found. Nursing busted knees and eradicated palm skin from sliding to a complete stop. Pissing life away one drop at a time whilst sitting by the sea waiting for the tidal wave to crash and pull him out. Another piece of debris floating in oblivion. Who are you?

One thought on “Who Is Lee St. Clair?

  1. Hi Lee. Thanks for the response. I’m Matt; a 45 year old dude that’s a Tool fan. I’m not from LA. I don’t have a bunch of tats. I’ve seen them about 15 times. I used to mosh, up until 10,000 days came out.
    I love Slayer, reggae, Bay Area hip hop, living by the beach, my dog and my wife.
    In regards to your review for Fear Innoculum; I’ve got no problems with it. You don’t dig Tool, Maynard or (most of) their fans. It’s probably a good idea that you didn’t force yourself to listen to something you know you’d hate.


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