The Wine Bar, The Last Days of 2018 by Akila Metheny

The Wine Bar, The Last Days of 2018
Akila Metheny

Our young, reckless hearts
desire the cultured nectar
of Dionysus,
while an older couple
advises us to travel
all the days of our lives
(as tartly flaming blood
of Tuscan grapes
dances across our tongues).

They say that age
is a truthless displacement of time
that will become meaningless.

We drink wine
that will not be here tomorrow,
we are young tonight,
(if only for a few hours);
we can never collect our youth and keep it
within our glasses,
nor these frost-bitten days
on the eve of a sobering new

Akila Metheny is an alumna of UNCG (class of 2015). She dabbles in poetry as a hobby and has recently come out of a two-year-long writing hiatus. Her father, who inspired her to write, is a widely published poet named Gary Metheny whose work appears in several national and international literary magazines.

Her Instagram account is @l.t.grey.poems, where she is primarily known for her poetry under that pseudonym.

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