The Tree by Alex Acuff

The Tree
Alex Acuff

There was a tree,
standing in the ground.
Stretching far back,
with roots that run deep.
It planted me.
Through the years, it survived,
harsh winters and nights,
giving air to children,
as they ran in their circles.
I was one of them.

Cycles continued:
leaves fell to the ground,
and I uprooted myself.
I’m disconnected now.
Somehow, feeling free
but paradoxically, I need nutrients
to be alive inside.
To grow tall.
But, it feels too late,
to do something with the ashes.

Alex Acuff has an Associates in Arts from GTCC and is currently pursuing a BA in English from UNCG. He writes mostly plays and poetry. Some of his plays have been performed in South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, as well as the United States. ( He also enjoys playing basketball and video games.

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