Shark by Alex Acuff

Alex Acuff

I smell blood in the water.
At the corner store,
by the bar.
It makes my nose hairs tingle.
The blood is not red;
it is brown, like iron.
It pushes me to feast on my kill,
biting into the legs,
crunching down on crispy bones.
I’m a shark,
with all of my teeth,
smelling blood and perceived as mean,
misunderstood by those who don’t know my nature.
My own blood.
I didn’t choose this.
Fish eat fish,
man eats man.
We all smell something
that drives us to feast.
For me,
it will always be brown blood
in a vast blue ocean.
I am a shark.  

Alex Acuff has an Associates in Arts from GTCC and is currently pursuing a BA in English from UNCG. He writes mostly plays and poetry. Some of his plays have been performed in South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, as well as the United States. ( He also enjoys playing basketball and video games.

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