Parts by Akila Metheny

Akila Metheny


I don’t want to leave the world yet.
I’m not ready.


Skin, the clothing
that allows us touch.
This is how we understand
the language of the earth.

Every heart cell is beating in unison,
those small, diligent drummers.
I breathe
and remember what it means
to be truly silent.

I’m in my house, I’m in my bed.


Take the most delicate vase
and drop it with intention.
Now look at all of its pieces;
tell me if you see either the wholeness still
or its absence.

Perhaps in each fragment it is more alive?

Akila Metheny is an alumna of UNCG (class of 2015). She dabbles in poetry as a hobby and has recently come out of a two-year-long writing hiatus. Her father, who inspired her to write, is a widely published poet named Gary Metheny whose work appears in several national and international literary magazines.

Her Instagram account is @l.t.grey.poems, where she is primarily known for her poetry under that pseudonym. 


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