Odd by Bridget Vargas

Bridget Vargas

The opposite of even
Referring to imbalance
Like the world
Or hormones
It is a rare sight at night
And the rule of three
Odd things are unexpected
Like the words said in your drunken stupor
Or an unspoken bond
It is Dickinson with a pen
Or UFO sightings
It is your mom’s nicest way of saying I’m fucked up
Odd has a negative connotation, of course
Unlike even
The eyes, hands, ears, and feet all come in twos
But the heart and mind are only one
And “I love you” three
It is a feeling never felt
And handwritten letters, mailed in 2019
Odd is pancakes and red wine…for dinner on a Tuesday night
I cherish odd things and remember the bizarre
There’s no even without odd
And normal is overrated anyway

Bridget Vargas is a poet with a love for words, nature, philosophy, and caramel macchiatos.

Her work can be found in English and Spanish. Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/openheartpoetry1/
Instagram: @brikvar

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