An Incomplete List by Abby Davenport

An Incomplete List
Abby Davenport

*TW: This Poem contains sensitive topics*

Sometimes your tights get torn
and you can see red tears
ooze from your slit lips.
Sometimes he pulls you from your clothes gently
and fucks you tender
with his hand closed over your throat.

Sometimes you are already naked when it starts.
Sometimes you can fight
like an impatien fights the rain,
and sometimes you can do nothing but
let him breathe against your ear.

Sometimes, without knowing,
you drink submission hungrily
from a red plastic cup.

But always when it is over
and you first see your bruises,
you are repulsed and wonder why
you didn’t see them before.

Abby Davenport is a fiction writer/poet who lives, dies, and breathes by words.

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