Tension of Space by Rejani King

Tension of Space
Rejani King

A mind game where you play to win
but lose because your thoughts say otherwise.
Living in a bubble that keeps ascending towards the sky
but reaches a point where there’s no more air.
It pops at its max level.
No control.
Being dragged down in a sea of water and
not being able to reach its surface.
A process of being stretched thin to form a gap
like the one between my teeth.
Gasping, racing, and never being able to open up
without fear.
A battle that needs all of me to thrive.
An illusion of what it’s like to have a “free mind.”
A constant build up between the self and I.

Rejani is a Women’s and Gender Studies major with an English minor. She is a writer who is an avid lover of poetry, visual art, music, and photography.

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