Sunflower Atmosphere by Sarah Grace Goolden

Sunflower Atmosphere
Sarah Grace Goolden

Why could I not have been born a sunflower?
I want to feel yellow and tall
With great, green wings
To carry me up so high all my problems are ants
That can hardly climb my stalk
Without peppering down to earth

I want all my itty bitty daisy-sized problems
To fall in eddies around me-
A snowfall that can’t even reach my atmosphere
My sunflower atmosphere

I want to be so tall that the tips of my pedals brush
Another galaxy
And if I stretch as far as I can
I just might touch
The outstretched fingers
Of another sunflowers

Someone who was too yellow and tall
For their own garden

Sarah Grace is a English/Education major and editor for The Carolinian. She hopes you enjoy her words.

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