Positions by Anna Nichols Cooksey

Anna Nichols Cooksey

When we lay in bed,
the crux of my body
hinges on your soft edges;
morphed together, tethered magnetism.

When we wake,
the curved outline of your hand
lingers on the small of my back
no longer longing, but desire.

When you turn over,
I trace it all with my fingers—
the strong sides of your shoulders,
the wild arches of your spine.

When we face each other,
I breathe in, savoring
the perfume from your collarbone,
hopelessly drunk on your spirit.

Sometimes I worry,
when our bodies grow old,
your flesh and my flesh
will cease melding and mixing and molding.

Anna Nichols Cooksey is a perpetually caffeinated junior pursuing a double major in English and Media Studies. She finds dogs and cats much easier to talk to than humans.

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