Moonrise by Akila Metheny

Akila Metheny

Driving at night.
The lantern of day
sleeping beneath the ground.

The haze of
electricity above the city is
a visible pollution, the edges
against ebony silk.

I can’t tell if
the rain is
applauding the day’s
while my windows
become watercolors.

I am tired
and feel
then I look to my left
and there it is,
the greatest piece of
hope I ever
saw, hanging there:
a huge, yellow balloon.

The moon is
close to the ground,
as though it was giving
the world a kiss.

Akila Metheny is an alumnus of UNCG (class of 2015). She dabbles in poetry as a hobby and has recently come out of a two-year-long writing hiatus. Her Instagram account is @l.t.grey.poems, where she is primarily known for her poetry under that pseudonym. Her father, who inspired her to write, is a widely published poet named Gary Metheny whose work appears in several national and international literary magazines.

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