Dust by Bryce Brown

Bryce Brown

We are all dust
The remnants of petty and worthless things
Speaking of truths when our eyes tell lies
Pretending to see when we have no eyes
We are all dust
And Worthless Dust
But you were different
You were the dust of opulence
The dust of diamonds and shiny things
Hair adorned in jewels and light
A golden tongue revealing truth destroying blight
In this world of worthless dust you were a gorgeous powder
Shining and and wondrous and brimming with power
But the thing about powder is it never stays where it lies
It gets blown away and loses it shine
And in a cloud of beauty and haunting despair
All of that wonder
Settles nowhere

Bryce Brown is pursuing a BA in Studio Art as well as a possible undecided second major.
Twitter & Instagram: @theeveningowl

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