Dear Life by Ryan Jakubsen

Dear Life,
Ryan Jakubsen

Is there a lesson?
Is there some kind of point?
Because all this beating seems to be
To me is senseless.
Is it a game?
If you tell me the rules,
I’ll play along.
I promise,
I’ll be good.
I’m a people pleaser,
I swear.
Just tell me,
Just wait and see.
But I suppose you won’t.
That’s not your style.
You’ll just keep kicking me awhile,
While I writhe and whine.
Will it be easier if I say you win?
If I make it easy for you,
Will you go easy on me?
Or will I only set you free
To torture me any way you please?
But I suppose you don’t need
My permission to make me bleed.
Ryan Jakubsen

Ryan Jakubsen is a native to High Point, North Carolina who now lives in Greensboro. He has been writing since he was eight and specializes in poetry and creative fiction. More of his work is available at under the “Blog” tab, where he posts poetry and occasional prose.

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