Igneous (I) by Yakari Rosales

Igneous (I)
Yakari Rosales

“All great changes
are preceded by chaos.”
– Deepak Chopra

All that once was no longer exists;

the surroundings in my life have become volcanic
and I am arrested by the intensity.

Inside I am teeming with magma,
pressure building,
but escape from the all-consuming heat
is not an option.

I keep waiting for the eruption,
the final stage of this natural disaster,
yet the flow cannot be disrupted.

My environment will have to transform on its own,
creating solid realities
that originate from intrusive thinking.

I have to allow elements to fully crystallize
so that I can unearth clarity.

Yakari is a queer Latinx makeup artist who loves flowers and watching sunsets with warm people.


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