Mi Bufanda Roja by Kiira Walker

Mi Bufanda Roja
Kiira Walker

Mi bufanda roja.
Yo estaba pasanda con gracia.
Yo estaba creada para comodidad.
Yo estaba heredada por tu madre y su madre antes de ti.

Mi bufanda roja
Me usaste para cada vacación.
Me usaste para tu día de boda.
Tu hija me tenia en su primer cumpleanos.

Yo era tu bufanda roja.

Mi Bufanda Roja
Kiira Walker

My red scarf
I was worn with grace.
I was created for comfort.
I was inherited (passed down) by your mother and her mother before.

My red scarf
You wore me for every holiday.
You wore me on your wedding day.
Your child (daughter) wore me on their first birthday.

I was your red scarf.


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