How You Became a Cat Person by Bethany Brower

how you became a cat person
Bethany Brower

do you remember when you were five and your mom and dad were fighting so [Macy]
you typed a two page story about a girl who had a dream that she [grew wings and flew]
got a dog and when she told it to sit it did so enthusiastically and [you went with her to her]
immediately, and she realized how smart her imaginary [castle where]
dog was and bought lots of “how to train your dreams and [wishes]
dog” books and taught it so many tricks that were impractical and funny [never had to]
because it was sosmart and they went on tv to prove themselves and to [help her she was]
show just how smart it was and they were thinking they were [reality and]
happy, so happy, and do you remember how you until you got older [you]
were so proud of it, that at five you could write almost [never had the heart to say they were]
a story, and even though you ended up being a kind of [entirely impossible and]
cat person anyway you still consider that to be for all intents and purposes [they were just]
your first story, and how you are so proud of it, embarrassingly [pulling your sister away and]
that even at five you knew you wanted to write definitely [would haunt you]
stories for the rest of your life.


Bethany Brower is a fourth-year student at UNCG studying English. She hopes to be a successful author and a creative writing professor one day.

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