Apeirophobia by Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones

After a late night storm, the sky is cloud covered and even though I know stars still exist I imagine a dark world continuing forever. In this darkness I am afraid of so many things I’ve never feared before: the roar of water that drowns out sounds around me, whatever is in the trees that my dog pulls towards, the ground beneath me I can’t see but take for granted. There is a cemetery I forget about in daylight, at night it worries me, I think of Poltergeist movies and things that won’t stay buried out of the way, dead and forgotten, so I walk quickly to my cabin, appreciating the safety it provides even though there are no locks on doors here because this is not a city, not even a town really. It is a valley between mountains. When the sky is clear I can see the Milky Way from my backyard and through a telescope I can view Saturn; it looks like glow-in-the-dark stickers I stuck to my ceiling when I was nine. Recently I read online that the skeletons popping up out of the mud in the original Poltergeist were real, that it was cheaper to buy actual bones than make fake ones.


Kelly is an MLIS candidate. Three of their favorite things are glitter, manatees, and impromptu dance parties.

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